size: 960 cm x 360 cm

  • superior and exceptional presentation
  • installation in the frequently visited places
  • excellent visibility and constant efficiency
  • illuminated advertising panels
  • possibility of unusual, personalized measurements



size: 510 cm x 240 cm

  • the most common and used advertising panel
  • good for targeting local audience
  • lower investment compared to bigboards
  • possibility of extensive and repeated noticing


City Light (CLV showcase)

size: 118.5 cm x 175 cm

  • an illuminated advertising space
  • installed mostly in areas with high footfall
  • frequently used on street furniture, in pedestrian zones or in shopping centres
  • advantages: all-day visibility, viewed for longer time (especially in winter)


Facade (the gable of the bulding)

  • billboards that impress by its size
  • mainly used for promoting the brand image, a product or navigation
  • long reach of the target audience in a given area


Advertising sheets (Super posters)

  • perfect accuracy of any creative graphic design
  • Unlimited size and selection of areas
  • Easy implementation and quick adjustment to change
  • not necessary to adjust (plaster) the gable wall



  • We have many years of experiences with painting advertisements on gable walls
  • We offer proven technology and workflow using colour
  • We painting only with quality paints with warranty of colour conservation
  • We are one of the few companies who have mastered this challenging technique of advertising