Welcome to the website of an advertising agency with a perfect knowledge of the market in the outdoor advertising field.

  • letting own big boards, billboards, CLV, gable walls
  • database of 20,000 advertising panels and outdoor carriers (photosheet)
  • realization and large-format printing of posters and banners, advertising paintings
  • comprehensive services in the area of outdoor advertising
  • advisory and consulting activities

Company Profile

Our basic know-how is the perfect knowledge of the market (of the owners of advertising space, advertising and media agencies to be precise) and the region (location and quality of the individual surfaces). We have experience in the advertising since 1999; we pride ourselves on a personal approach to each business and to each customer. Our priority is the best performance of each campaign in a given time and location, which can then be a further guarantee of recurrence and long-term cooperation. We are able to respond quickly to a demand and choose the optimal composition and distribution of advertising surfaces to achieve the best possible ratio in investments with the desired effect. Prices are negotiated individually for each commission, adjusted to the latest offers of the 5outdoor companies. We claim that the difference is in the details, both compared to our competitors and in the approach to the solution of each advertising campaign.

We provide comprehensive services in the outdoor advertising area to our clients

  • we have own big boards, billboards, CLV windows and gable walls in Moravia
  • we complex design and implement a nationwide advertising campaign that we in the time and location of the most financially optimize
  • we are able to quickly and operatively  provide a billboard campaign throughout the Czech Republic of assignment and transfer of documents within 7 working days
  • we provide pasting and service activities to our clients and partner outdoor comapnies
  • we comprehensively execute the whole process from distribution, selection and composition of surfaces to the final photo documentation
  • we offer reasonable prices for printing posters and sails (banners) in extremely short lead times
  • we provide full warranty for poster printing
  • we implement large-scale advertising in the form of paintings or installations sails, including any lighting with previous visualization
  • we monitor, control and document the advertising campaign
  • we provide advisory and consulting services in the area of outdoor advertising
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